Australasia Tennis Aces is a Hong Kong based company specializing in tennis training and coaching services. We operate club/venue specific tennis programs which incorporates:

  • Junior Tennis Programs (Starting from ages 3.5 – 18 yrs)
  • Secondary School Tennis Programs
  • Adult Social and League Competition Training

Our ATA coaches are renowned for conducting classes with high-energy intensity combined with quality and innovative tennis training techniques that have proven time and time again to improve our student’s overall ability and understanding of the game.

The heart and soul of ATA is Tennis Director and ex-WTA touring professional, Kristin Godridge who brings with her a wealth of professional experience.This is apparent in all aspects of ATA’s Tennis Training Programs, which have been all personally designed and tested by her and the ATA team.

We are constantly developing our training and coaching techniques, with innovative ideas and an enthusiastic approach. ATA coaching programs are designed to maximize student interaction and participation with classes suited for students with a wide range of tennis abilities and needs.

We provide:

  • Junior & Elite Tennis Programs (3.5 – 18yrs)
  • Mens Programs (Catering to both Social and League Team members)
  • Ladies Programs (Catering to both Social and League Team members)
  • Junior Tennis Camps (3.5 – 18 yrs)

Catering to: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Performance players

All ATA coaches have been selected for a reason, they are all seasoned Pros in their own right, with International competition and Club experience.

All of our senior staff coaches have played professionally and have internationally recognized coaching qualifications (some have the highest qualifications possible from their respective National Associations).

Selecting appropriate tennis coaches, is an integral part of our company success, we screen coaches carefully because we know that our company is only as strong as our people. Enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication are traits that are consistent throughout our team and all our tennis training programs.

Our Mission is to provide fun, active and enjoyable tennis programs for all clients, from tiny tots through to competitively focused adults.

We know from experience that our systems work, and that we can find a class or group where you can have fun, and improve your tennis at the same time. After all, that’s what it’s all about!

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