The image of children sitting cooped up in a classroom, waiting for the final bell that ends the school year and kick starts summer has been frequently shown on film and television. Some of us may even remember the feeling from our childhoods. One more bell and we could replace sitting at our desks all …..

How to Choose the Right Tennis Racket

As surely as Picasso had his paints, Jimi Hendrix had his guitar and Micheal Jordan had his basketball, tennis players in Hong Kong, both young and old, need a racket (or racquet, to some!). It may seem like a racket is just a handle, frame and string, but it is so much more than that. Take the string, …..

Tennis Stretches and Flexibility Exercises

Tennis players frequently attribute aches and pains to the hard court surfaces, but often the root cause of lower back, groin, hip and knee pain is misaligned knees. The hips basically connect the upper and lower halves of the body – when they are misaligned, other joints overcompensate, which can create new problems altogether. Ideally, …..

Beat the Heat – Tips for Hot Weather Tennis

Your body produces heat when exercising, even when it’s cool outside. On those days when it’s not cool outside, which are a lot of days in Hong Kong, it becomes vital to maintain healthy habits. Our bodies combat the heat generated by physical activity by sweating, but this is not always enough when it’s hot …..

Life Tips from Tennis Pros: Junior Edition

It probably goes without saying that elite tennis players like Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic have amassed a number of great tennis tips over their storied careers. How could they not have? However, it’s not just backhand tips or serving strategy that these stars can help out with. By virtue of their status as role …..

Why Tennis is a Great Sport for Girls in Hong Kong

Unique among pro sports, ladies’ tennis and the WTA enjoy a level success comparable to the men’s circuit. From the days of Chris Evert to recent years dominated by Serena Williams, female tennis players have long been some of the most iconic pro athletes on the planet. Even if your daughter doesn’t have her sights …..