Craig McLauchlan (AUS) – Tennis Professional

Mobile : +85265425794

Tennis Background :

I have always enjoyed competing in tennis and I was a regular player of super league fixtures in Brisbane, Australia and have been part of competition winning teams.  I have played tennis my whole life and I am a big fan of the game.  I love that tennis is extremely challenging both mentally and physically and is great for hand eye coordination and develops skills which translate to all sports.  I have really enjoyed running tennis coaching sessions for individuals and groups of all ages and varying skill levels from junior, adult and high performance coaching programs. I have also spent many hours running coaching sessions in red, orange and green ball for the Tennis Australia Junior Development Program; focusing on the steady development of the technical and tactical skills of the game.

Working Experience :

I was a tennis coach in Brisbane, Australia where I worked at two of the most prestigious venues, the Roy Emerson Tennis Centre and the University of Queensland Tennis Centre.  I was also a tennis coach at several schools around the Brisbane metropolitan area.  More recently, I have been working at the Australasia Tennis Aces in Hong Kong, coaching at the Hong Kong Football club and the Gold Coast Yacht Club.  I am currently coaching at ESF schools in Hong Kong.  I have also had professional coaching experience in England and Holland.

Tennis Qualifications :

I have completed the Junior Development Coaching qualification with Tennis Australia.  I have also completed a Certificate III in Sports Coaching Qualification from the Australian YMCA Institute of Education and Training.

Get to know your coaches better with our Q&A section:

Where is your favourite place to play tennis in Hong Kong?  What makes this special? I like to play at the Indian Recreation Club tennis courts.  I enjoy it there because it is a nice tranquil environment away from the bustling city and I like the outlook across to Hong Kong Stadium.

Your current favourite player and why? My current favourite player is Rafa Nadal.  I love his ‘never say die’ attitude and that he always gives 100 percent. His athleticism, movement and his dynamic stroke play are incredible and I admire the fact he has been able to reinvent his game and constantly find ways to improve.

Your favourite player of all time and why? My favourite player of all time is also Rafa, for the reasons above but also because he is a champion off the court too.

Why do you make a great tennis coach? I believe I make a great tennis coach because I have the ability to relate well to my players and listen attentively to their needs.  I am also an avid student of the game and I have enjoyed learning from some of the best coaches around the world.  I am well versed in the most cutting edge coaching methodologies and enjoy keeping up to date with the most modern developments in the game.  I like to adopt a game based approach to my coaching and always aim to make my coaching fun, creative and engaging for everyone, no matter what the level.

When teaching students which shot is your speciality? I like to think I specialize in all shots but I enjoy teaching the forehand the most.  I find players get the most reward out of being able to dominate with the forehand. In the modern game, it’s all about first strike tennis and gaining the advantage with a powerfully struck forehand.
What is your favorite tennis mantra? I have quite a few but here are my favorites:

  • Attitude determines altitude.
  • Perception makes perfection.
  • Tactics drive technique.
  • No ball arrives the same, no shot is identical so the ability to adjust footwork, preparation and swing shape to find the ideal contact point is vital.