ESF Tennis Program – brought To you by ATA Tennis Aces Team

We are proud to be the tennis programme providers for ESF Schools in Hong Kong. ESF is regarded as Hong Kong’s largest and premier service providers of after school tennis programmes for children of all ages and abilities. With venues across the whole of Hong Kong, all throughout the week and at times to suit busy parents, we are confident the ESF Tennis programme can provide classes to match your child’s requirements.

Our ESF Tennis Program can be summarised as below: 

  • ESF Junior Tennis Program
  • ESF Junior Tennis Academy
  • ESF Tennis Competitions
  • ESF Tennis Holiday Camps
  • ESF Tennis Events.
  • ESF Tennis Specialised training


ATA’s International coaching team is made up of passionate, highly qualified coaches, who are trained in first aid and adhere to child protection policies. All coaches have a wealth of experience in getting the best out of their players – creating a fun, safe and challenging learning environment, with an innovative game-based focus which values the individual within the group.

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Since March 2011 the ATA coaching team has been providing a fun, positive and enjoyable tennis experience for all the tennis aces at ESF schools. ATA programmes cater to all ages and abilities from tiny tennis players, beginners, intermediate through to advanced competitive players – ensuring that every child who wants to play can do so in a supportive and encouraging environment at their own ESF school venue, one convenient to their home, or more suitable for their level.

Whether your child is completely new to tennis or already a seasoned player, ATA’s programme design, coaching delivery and high emphasis on sportsmanship will allow individuals to improve their standard of play, enjoyment of the game, and keep them eager and coming back for more.

WHY TENNIS?……. tennis is a fantastic sport to give and build your child’s confidence and concentration, as well as development of hand eye co-ordination, and athletic skills that apply and enhance other sports and activities… The best time to learn is now. Tennis is a fantastic social game, one that you can travel anywhere around the world and play with friends for the rest of your life. ATA’s goal is not only to give your child these foundations, but the skills and correct technique to set them on the path to be the best players they can be.

Fundamental movements / co-ordination and Skill development

Players are introduced to the fundamental tennis movements, co-ordination, balance, agility along with sending and receiving skills and hand / foot eye co-ordination and racket skill control development.

Technique Development

Players are introduced to basic technical skills and shots of the game, in association with the movements. As players progress more advanced shot techniques are introduced, including shot differentiation of spins, and pace.

Game Based

Players develop skills through reinforcing technique through game based sessions.

As players progress in skill level, sessions comprise elements of open live, point play where they learn rules differing tactics, and how to compete along with emphasis on good etiquette and sportsmanship.

Player development Opportunities

When players have reached sufficient level to play points and compete they are encouraged to take part in one of the tennis competition opportunities. Noting competition opportunities are available for players 7&u upwards through the mini tennis red, orange and green system. (with abbreviated court area, racket size, ball compression and scoring relevant to players age.

ATA Program description: 

Player Pathway

ATA is currently offering an exciting new and updated progressional pathway catering to all levels of player, from players as young as four years old (Little hitters) through red, orange, and green mini tennis levels, to social and Academy Squad competition players.

In alignment with the HKTA Junior competition framework players will work within sessions towards getting them ready should they wish to compete in the Mini Tennis competition pathway on route to full court tennis.  This allows players to graduate up levels, court sizes as they develop their tennis skills and grasp further the concepts of the game.

ATA aims to give all ESF junior tennis players small and tall the solid foundation of necessary skills and techniques combined with a positive attitude, love and passion of the game that will keep the junior star playing and enjoying tennis for life.

ATA offers a child a pathway focusing on the individual in the group. Tennis is a sport all children should learn and play and ATA is well known for installing great sportsmanship and strong tennis fundamentals.


ESF students will sign up and register for sessions appropriate to their age.

Should there be two parallel groups of same level running players will be split into two groups

A: referring to players new to tennis undertaken less than 50 hours of coaching

B: refers to more experienced players in that age range with over 50 hours coaching undertaken.

Should there not be sufficient numbers / coach available for 2 parallel groups to run in same age range, coaches will differentiate the session based on any differing levels in the group. Should the coach feel the student needs to move up to the next level he will move the child up should there be space or recommend registration in the next level for the following term.


With venues and locations spread across the whole of Hong Kong we are confident of being able to provide a class or course that will be suitable to nearly all Hong Kong residents whether on a mini tennis court or a full size court option.

Open to both ESF and non ESF students, the ESF tennis programme operates out of many school facilities and public tennis venues.

A full list of locations are included below:

  • Bradbury School
  • Beacon Hill School
  • Clear water Bay
  • Gleneally School
  • King George V School
  • Kennedy School
  • Kowloon Junior School (perth st)
  • Peak School
  • Quarry Bay School
  • Renaissance College
  • Sha Tin Junior School
  • South Island School
  • Hong Kong Tennis centre
  • Bowen Road Tennis Centre