Welcome to HARROW/ ATA’s Tennis CCA Lessons
Term 1 2019 sign up


Harrow HK / ATA’s tennis coaching team and I are looking forward to welcoming your child onto the court for the new term of Harrow/ ATA tennis.

We have an exciting year ahead providing increased opportunities for Harrow HK players to compete which will give each player a target to strive towards during their weekly lessons and in-house competitions. We look forward to seeing you on court with us for another fantastic term of tennis with Junior Leagues, Mini Competitions and other inter-Harrow team tennis events.

Both new and existing students will need to enrol for Term 1 2019 Harrow / ATA tennis lessons using the enrolment link below. As we have limited spots and some of our classes are particularly popular we strongly encourage you to enrol now to avoid disappointment if classes fill up. If you are not yet sure of your child’s schedule for Term 1 please don’t hesitate – enrol now and we will work with you to find another suitable lesson time if needed once the term starts. 

The ATA Tennis Team offer tennis lessons 7 days a week for both Lower and Upper School students. Enrolment is on a term basis and fees are payable to Harrow HK. Whether your child is a new hand to tennis or an experienced player really looking to push on please go ahead and sign up online now.

For any enquires please call ATA’s Elite Head Coaches – we offer group classes, private classes, semi private classes and match play

  • ATA Harrow Head Coach James Doherty (m) 7074 8215
  • ATA Tennis Director Kristin Godridge on (m) 9104 7839 
  • Email us on h.schooltennis@atatennisaces.com or james.doherty@atatennisaces.com  

We will be scheduling over the Summer holiday period so please contact us for all of your Harrow Tennis questions.
We had a fantastic academic year (2018-19) with players of all ages and abilities improving their tennis significantly. We are looking forward to an even better 2019-20 with vast options for players to train, so however busy a students timetable there is always time in the week to train.

Harrow / ATA CCA tennis lessons re-commence for Term 1 2019 on Monday, 2 September 2019 for both Lower School and Upper School students.

Yours in tennis,
Kristin Godridge & James Doherty 
Harrow / ATA Tennis Director & Harrow ATA Head Coach

Important note from HARROW / ATA’s Tennis Director and Head Coaches

Term 1 2019 is NOT a rollover system and you must re-register your child now to ensuring they get their tennis coaching at the times they want and need.
Please click on the link “HARROW STUDENTS – REGISTER NOW” below to register your child’s enrolment for Term 1 2019. 

Limited Availability – Please be aware that classes have limited availability.
To avoid disappointment please jump online NOW to request your child’s tennis class, day and time for the coming term. Click below to register your child’s enrolment application now. 
Alternately, if you need some additional guidance and would like to speak to our Harrow / ATA coaching team please feel free to contact Head of ATA Tennis Director Kristin Godridge (9104 7839) or ATA Harrow Head Coach James Doherty (7074 8215)

** Weekend  ATA Harrow Match Play will be running from 3-5pm on a weekly basis with singles and doubles matches throughout the term it’s a fantastic add on to your child’s tennis and there will be a court catering to your child’s ability. If you are unsure if your child is ready to start the weekend matchplay please email the ATA Harrow Team for more information and we will take you through all options available.

START DATE: Monday 2 SEP 2019 
FINISH DATE: Friday 13 DEC 2019

Half Term Holiday Camps 21-25 Oct 2019 (5 days)

EXCLUSIONS (there will be NO JTP tennis lessons on the following dates):
Half Term Holidays:
Sat 19 Oct – Sun 27 Oct 2019 (inclusive)
Public Holidays:
Sat 14 Sep
Tues 1 Oct
Sat 5 Oct (due to public holiday weekend)
Mon 7 Oct
Enrichment Time:
In accordance with Harrow School policy, there are no ECA lessons during Enrichment time on a public holiday or  public holiday weekend. This means that there are NO tennis ECA lessons from 4:30-7:30pm on the below dates:
Fri 13 Sep 2019 (4:30-7:30 pm NO ECA)
Mon 30 Sep 2019 (4:30-7:30 pm NO ECA)
Fri 4 Oct 2019 (4:30-7:30 pm NO ECA)
Fri 18 Oct 2019 (4:30-7:30 pm NO ECA)


The new academic year will bring an even greater range of competition, with the diversity of events on offer expanding again even further. No dates have yet been set, below is a list of events to be expected:

  • Red/ Orange/ Green ball knockout & Teams Event Tournament    
  • Yellow ball knockout Competition 2-6pm  
  • Yellow ball doubles competition  
  • Parent Child Challenge 
  • Red Ball inter-Harrow team matchplay 
  • Orange ball inter-Harrow team matchplay 
  • Green ball inter-Harrow team matchplay 
  • Yellow ball inter-Harrow team matchplay 
  • Harrow HK challenge match vs other ATA venues  

    *Please email h.schooltennis@atatennisaces.com for more information. Online sign up for these events will be emailed out closer to the event time.

I am not sure about my child’s schedule for this term what should I do?
If you are not yet sure of your child’s schedule for Term 1 2019, we highly recommend that you sign up now for their preferred lesson time and we can work with you to move them to a class day and time that suits you once your schedule is confirmed in the next few weeks.  

Please be aware that classes fill up fast due to limited availability.  Due to long waiting lists for some class times we strongly encourage you to complete the online enrolment for Harrow / ATA Tennis CCA Lessons Term 1 2019 NOW in order to avoid disappointment and to secure your child’s spot for this term.

NEW STUDENTS – My child did not play with Harrow/ATA’s CCA Tennis Lessons last Term 3 2019. Can I enrol now?
Yes, you can.  If you know the class your child would like to enrol in for Term 1 2019, please move forward & enjoy our easy online enrolment options by clicking on the links “HARROW STUDENTS – REGISTER NOW” below. Alternately, if you need some additional guidance and would like to speak to our HARROW / ATA tennis coaching team please feel free to contact Head of ATA Tennis Kristin Godridge (9104 7839) or ATA Harrow Head Coach James Doherty (7074 8215).

REMINDER: ALL STUDENTS are required to complete the online enrolment for Term 1 2019.

To enrol you need to:
1) Select your child’s preferred, lesson day and time
2) Enter your child’s name, contact details, current year group & class/house 
3) Press submit to enrol

When and how do I pay?
You will be invoiced for Harrow/ATA CCA Tennis lessons directly by Harrow International School Hong Kong and not by ATA Tennis. 
Enrolment in Harrow/ATA CCA Tennis lessons is on a term basis for both group and private classes. Your enrolment and child’s attendance at their first group and/or private lesson is your acceptance of these term fees detailed above.
If you are unable to complete your enrolment by using the online enrolment process provided please contact us at h.schooltennis@atatennisaces.com

LUNCHTIME CLASSES  – Lower school pupils will be escorted to the dining room after lunchtime lessons with sufficient time to eat lunch. They will be supervised in the dining room by Harrow/ATA coaches.

WET WEATHER – In the event of rain classes will still be on and will be moved undercover to one of the indoor courts. If you are unsure please contact your coach on the day.

MAKE UP LESSONS – If your child misses a lesson due to illness, school excursion or wet weather (if no indoor courts are available) a makeup class can be arranged for a suitable, alternate date. Please contact your coach directly to arrange any makeup lessons.

Makeup lessons must to be arranged within the current term and cannot be carried forward to future terms.
WHAT TO BRING? Please bring along your Harrow School sports attire and racket. If you do not have a racket we do have rackets available that you can use at school.