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We’ve come a long way since the days of wooden rackets and there are now more shapes, lengths, weights, materials and stringing patterns that we could have possibly imagined just a few decades ago! With all the variables involved, choosing the right racket is tough, but when narrowing down the scope, we can make our jobs easier.

One of the most pivotal decisions is racket length, so today, let’s look only at finding the right racket length for junior players.

In general, junior players should be using the longest racket size that they can comfortably handle. When a junior player uses a small racket, they can become over reliant on wrist and elbow movements which is not ideal in the long run. A larger racket encourages a more fluid weight transfer and smoother stroke.

The simplest way for finding the right tennis racket for your child is by visiting a store right here in Hong Kong. That way, the child can have hands on access to the racket options.

Ideally, when the child is standing with their arms by their sides, the racket should fit perfectly between their fingertips and the floor. How easy is that!?

If you are shopping online, or purchasing a racket as a surprise gift, observe this standard sizing chart:

Age: Racket Length

  • 0-4: 19″
  • 4-5: 21″
  • 6-7: 23″
  • 8-10: 25″
  • 10-12: 26″
  • 12 up: adult size

Of course, this chart only deals with averages. If your child is tall for his or her age, they would need to purchase a longer racket. If your child is torn between two sizes, try this: Have the child hold the racket behind him, with the tip touching the lower back. When they raise the racket over their head, they should not feel pain. If they do – it’s too big!

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