ATA Performance Squad – Players are strong hitters of the ball, technically skilled and committed to tennis excellence. Players in this squad have picked tennis as their main sport and their focus is to improve all areas of their game  ATA keeps this process enjoyable while moulding a strong love of the game. Our training focuses on developing the appropriate stroke mechanics and establishes the habits necessary for maximum tennis growth. We work with players on establishing a great base in their tennis technically, tactically, mentally and physically in order to fully develop their games to compete with confidence. ATA Regime incorporates technical and tactical development, strength and conditioning to help all squad players to reach their goals. Our squad program emphasises the importance and strength of self belief and belief in your ability as a tennis player as well as mental toughness. ATA Coaches will teach these players how to prepare, perform and grow into their tennis game which will enable performance players to explore all levels of competitive tennis avenues nationally and internationally.
Requirements – 2-3 Performance Squad Training sessions a week plus, Junior League Matches & Tournaments, Private Classes,
Competitions : A & B Junior Leagues, Inter Program competitions, HKTA Tennis events, Overseas Trips.
Balls used