Karis Ryan (AUS) – GCYCC Head Tennis Professional

    Mob: 6223-1959

Background: Karis joins us from Australia, having competed professionally on the International WTA circuit. She reached a career high world ranking of 500 in doubles and 800 in singles. Karis has coached players of all abilities and age levels. She has also worked with Elite athletes who have had tour and college scholarship aspirations and also coached internationally, working in Belgium.

Karis is part of the Australasia Tennis Aces Coaching Team, as Head Coach of the Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club. Karis coaches young students as well as adults and has a wealth of tennis knowledge to offer.

Coaching Experience: Over 3 years coaching junior and adult players.

Qualification: Certificated Advanced Professional Coach from ATPCA.

ATA Work Specialty: Coaching both adults and junior players.

Get to know your coaches better with our Q&A section:

Where is your favorite place to play tennis in Hong Kong? What makes this place special? Victoria park. These are the first tennis courts I played on in Hong Kong. It was Summer time and I battled through 37-degree heat and 90+% humidity to qualify for an ITF tournament. Hard to forget but will always hold a special place in my heart.

If you could play on any court with any player, where and who would it be with? And why? Wimbledon. Andre Agassi. Wimbledon because it’s the pinnacle tournament of world tennis. And Andre Agassi because he is my favorite of all time.

Your current favorite tennis player? Serena Williams

Your favorite player of all time and why? Andre Agassi. His movement was amazing and that backhand! But he also changed the game and shaped modern tennis in taking the ball earlier and showing you didn’t have to be the tallest or have the biggest serve to win.

Why do you make a great tennis coach? I think I make it enjoyable while also a learning experience. There’s always something to work on with your game but you have to still enjoy it and want to meet those challenges.

When teaching your students, which shot is your specialty? Forehand. Growing up I spent alot of time on this shot and it became my weapon. I think I have a lot of knowledge to pass on to my students with this shot, both technically and tactically.

What is your favorite tennis mantra? You play how you must, not how you think.



10 Apr, 2015