Kristin Godridge (AUS) – ATA Director and Founder

    Mob: 9104-7839

Background: Kristin Godridge is the Director and founder of Australasia Tennis Aces with over 10 years’ experience managing club based tennis programs, including HKFCC. She is an ex-professional player who has had a world ranking of No. 1 as a Junior Player, No.48 as a Senior Player in singles and No. 42 as a Doubles Player. She has played all four Grand Slam events, reaching the last 16 at both Wimbledon and the US Open in singles.

Experience: Over 15 years coaching both junior and adults players

Qualification: Level III qualified coach through Tennis Australia

ATA Work Specialty: Coaching both adults and junior players, Marketing Tennis Programme management

Number of years with company: Founder, since 2006

Get to know your coaches better with our Q&A section:

Where is your favorite place to play tennis in Hong Kong? What makes this place special? I have to say I love playing at all of our various ATA venues – HKFC, IRC, GAP, HARROW and the Gold coast they all hold great memories and all the surfaces vary so it keeps playing and hitting fun.

If you could play on any court with any player, where and who would it be with? And why? I know this answer is something no one would expect but a little older tennis lovers would get. Jimmy Connors (because watching him as a young junior competing and fighting to win matches taught me the art as an ex-professional player to just dig deep and to fight for matches. Where US Open center court I always felt, it was an electric environment that lifted your game. One more would be Steffi Graf – Aus. Open Center court. Because it’s home my home grand slam and for me and Steffi Graf also molded my game as I grew up.

Your current favorite tennis player? Federer – Because he is timeless as well as he embodies everything you want in a Champion, Strength, Courage, Wits, Sportsmanship, endurance, grace… I could keep going on but just all around phenomenal Champion for the game of Tennis.

Why do you make a great tennis coach? I truly think tennis is a great sport and can give anyone so much joy and enjoyment. Secondly, I can coach and understand all levels of the game and I love coaching all levels of players. It does not matter if you’re a beginner, social player, advanced or professional – Adult or Junior. If you want to play and learn I am here to teach and keep it fun.

When teaching your students, which shot is your specialty? I think I get my message through on volleys, smashing/net game as well as ground strokes. Also, I think I am a good motivator on the court.

What is your favorite tennis mantra? I have 2 actually –I love this one I always carry it with me. “ One point, one hit at a time, because points turn into games, games turn into sets and sets turn into matches. Also “You’re doing an apprenticeship in this sport enjoy the process of hitting balls!”



03 May, 2016