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If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Hong Kong tennis fanatic like us – and if you are a Hong Kong tennis fanatic like us…then you know nothing beats the feeling of introducing someone to this great game of ours.
Whether you’ve had one of your coworkers to your apartment to watch Nadal at the French Open or have brought a friend to the club to experience tennis in Hong Kong first hand, it feels amazing when you watch them get hooked for the first time.
As parents, you’ve probably tried to get your youngsters involved in tennis too. And you’ve likely realized that this can sometimes be easier said than done.
At ATA, we’ve helped a lot of parents deal with similar situations over the years and would love to share our expertise.
Here are 5 great tips for getting kids in Hong Kong excited about tennis this summer.


One trait that all great tennis players share? A love for tennis. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about Serena Williams, Roger Federer or one of the many great coaches here at ATA (link to coaches). It’s impossible to develop as a player without an underlying passion.
There will be plenty of time for skill development, training and competitive tennis your children are older, but only if that’s what he or she wants to do.
The best way to encourage young children to inherit your love of tennis is by encouraging them to have fun.


One foolproof way to ensure that kids have fun? Make sure that they aren’t bored.
Remember, children have short attention spans and can become bored easily. If they start to view tennis as a chore, they may lose interest.
Keeping court time to a minimum can stop them from associating tennis with negative emotions. It is also good practice to avoid getting angry with them if they become distracted or disinterested.
One thing that most children could do without? Long tennis lectures. They get enough of that in school – let’s keep tennis fun!


Looking for a great way to keep boredom at bay? Try incorporating games and other fun activities to your youngster’s court time.
As instructors, we like to keep younger children entertained with mini-games and activities. Even older children can be receptive to this. Mini-games, activities and challenges can help keep things fresh and interesting.


At ATA, most of us have been coaching tennis for over a decade, and we’ve all been playing it even longer than that. Something every coach has noticed?
Adult players don’t mind waiting around for their turn. They laugh and joke with each other, they watch their friends, they drink water. They relax.
Youth players are the exact opposite. They are full of energy, and if they aren’t incorporated into the game, they will break off and create games of their own.
It is important to keep kids constantly involved and constantly moving.


Tennis is known as the social game, and for good reason – you need two to play and it’s more fun with friends.
Kids might not like milling about in line, but they are social creatures and they love hanging out with their friends.
At ATA, we love seeing groups of friends take lessons together, but you know what we love even more than that? When we watch friendships form between strangers.
Hong Kong is a crowded city, but it can sometimes feel lonely for newcomers or the children of expats. The tennis court can be a great place to find friends and form lasting bonds.
If you want your child to learn tennis in Hong Kong but aren’t sure if you have the time or knowledge? We can help! ATA coaches are great with kids of all ages. Drop by today to learn more!