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On Saturday, March 4th, some of the clubs younger tennis players hit the courts for another one of ATA’s mini tennis competitions. The first event was the Mini Red Competition (played on smaller courts over mini tennis nets, with low compression large red balls). A total of 24 players aged 7 and under competed in 4 round robin groups. Great competition with lots of match practice, leading to a very valuable learning experience.

mini red

Coaches and parents were on hand to oversee that the matches ran smoothly and to assist with any scoring or rule queries from the little tennis stars.

The results of the respective groups were as follows:

Group A Winner : Dominic Sun
Runner Up: Christian Martinez

Group B Winner: Gemma Brewster
Runner Up: Nirvan Nandwani

Group C Winner: Jamie Chu
Runner Up: Marcus Norris

Group D Winner: Sam Dore
Runner Up: Nirav Nandwani

Sportsperson awards were given out, regardless of who won or lost, played fair, called the lines, scored correctly, and tried their hardest throughout the afternoon. Sportsmanship awards went to Jimmy Page, Max Ip, Penelope Truman, and Jade Zirah,

Following the Mini Red event, was the Mini Orange competition. Here we saw players 8 & 9 years old playing on a 3/4 sized court with orange low compression balls. The competition consisted of 12 players competing in one of two round robin groups. Once again, valuable match play experience was gained and players had lots of fun putting their skills to the test.

mini orange

The results of this competition were as follows:

Group A Winner: Ferdinand Scherer
Joint Runners up: Jonathon Chan and Carl Gestman

Group B Winner: Cassie Thorne
Runner Up: Megan Ng

The sportsperson awards went to Julien Lecocq and Nadim Oberholzer.

We hope that you join us for our next Mini Tennis Competition!