ATA Safety Protocols

1. You will be asked to fill out an ‘ATA online health and safety COVID form’ before the start of your lesson or camp, to protect the health and safety of children and coaches. You will not be able to join your scheduled lesson until you have done so.

2. Mandatory temperature checks will be conducted before each class; if you’re temperature is >37.5˚C / 99.7˚F you will not be able to play.

3. Hand sanitiser will be provided; to be used prior to, during and after class. If your child leaves the court for a toilet break, the coach will help to re-sanitise their hands before they come back on court.

4. Mask wearing during tennis will follow the updated government guidelines, however you are welcome to wear a mask at all times.

5. Please bring your own, labelled water bottle to take on court with you. To avoid unnecessary interactions, once the class has started you cannot leave the court other than to refill your bottle and/or go to the toilet.

6. Parents, guardians, spectators and any players waiting to come on court, must all wear masks and practice social distancing of maintaining 1.5M separation around the courts. To avoid crowds gathering, if your child is old enough, please consider dropping them off and returning later to pick them up at the end of the class.

7. Honesty is important – if you have COVID, have any symptoms of COVID, or are a close contact of an infected person, please do not come to tennis and notify our operations team immediately. Please do not come to tennis until you have completed any mandatory quarantine

Please help us to work with the ATA team; to allow all players the opportunity to enjoy their tennis, within the safest environment possible.


Thank You