How it works?

ATA Junior Tournament Series is a circuit of events at ATA locations throughout Hong Kong designed for all Junior tennis players to have the opportunity to compete. Players have the opportunity to play in as many events as they wish, even if the tournament is located at a venue they do not attend the ATA Junior Tennis Programme. Players will accumulate points towards their ATA Junior Ranking which will be posted on the first of each month for students to track their progress. The top 16 ranked players from each age group will then be invited to the end of season ATA Junior Masters Tournament to compete for amazing prices that are up for grabs!

2 Seasons a Year:

  • Season 1 – 1st Jan – 31 May 2024
  • Season 2 – 1st Sep – 30th Nov 2024

ATA Junior Tournament Series Points:

Series points are designed to reward students each progression. Final placing “Brackets” will help students strive to reach the next bracket in future tournaments.

  • Bracket 1 – Final placing 15th or higher
  • Bracket 2 – Final placing 9th – 14th
  • Bracket 3 – Final placing 3rd – 8th
  • Runner Up
  • Winner


RankingMoveNameBall LevelPointsTournaments Played
10Melody WangOrange Ball101
30Nathan ChengOrange Ball3.51
30Charlotte LiOrange Ball3.51
20Cody WongOrange Ball51
30Brayden FanOrange Ball3.51
20Christian ChengRed ball101
50Henry PhilippeRed ball3.51
30Joseph GeiserRed ball72
50Kiyan GuejdiRed ball3.51
50Phoebe ZhangRed ball3.51
50Sasha SunRed ball3.51
10Solomon KwokRed ball152
50Walter PhilippeRed ball3.51
20Aarav MathurRed ball101
40Anya RamanRed ball51
20Charles AzemardRed ball101
60Dylan DansanghaniRed ball2.51
50Karley CheungRed ball3.51
50Lexi ZhouRed ball3.51
40Luca RinaldiRed ball51
50Lucas BeazleyRed ball3.51
50Mya YeungRed ball3.51
50Nathaniel LiRed ball3.51
50Renee ChenRed ball3.51
40Hiram YangRed ball51
50Kasey KwokRed ball3.51
50Lydia QinRed ball3.51
50Natalie HungRed ball3.51
30Brandon WongGreen Ball71
30Christpher HungGreen Ball71
40Cody WongGreen Ball51
30Daniel XiangGreen Ball71
20Elias SignorottiGreen Ball101
30Jacob WangGreen Ball71
40Kiara JacobsGreen Ball51
30Kyle YauGreen Ball71
40Milos NgGreen Ball51
30Shangyi YangGreen Ball71
10Zhizhong LiuGreen Ball201