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Domenec Girones

Mob: 6545 2418

Tennis Background: I started playing tennis as a child and my love for the sport continues to grow. I played regional junior tournaments in Spain until the age of 16. Growing up, I was always a member of a tennis club. Through these clubs, I was able to practice and develop as a tennis player and coach.

Tennis Working Experience: I have more than 10 years tennis working experience. From being an assistant coach to being a head coach of a tennis club. In addition,  I’ve had the privilege of working with RV Tennis Academy, one of the best tennis Academy’s in Barcelona with high-performance players. As well as 3 years coaching in Australia.

Tennis Qualification: 

  • Junior Development Tennis Coach by Tennis Australia

  • Higher degree in Professional training in physical activities and sports

Get to know your coaches better with our Q&A section:

Where is your favorite place to play tennis in Hong Kong? What makes this place special? My favorite place is the center court of Victoria Park.

If you could play on any court with any player, where and who would it be with? And why? Roland Garros is my favorite tournament and Rafa Nadal is the King of the clay court. I grew up and developed as a tennis player in clay courts so that would be one of my dreams.

Your current favorite tennis player? Rafa Nadal

Your favorite player of all time and why? Roger Federer because he is 36 years old, he’s number one again and the way he plays – it’s just beautiful.

Why do you make a great tennis coach?  I love sports in general and particularly tennis. I’ve been practicing sports since I was a child and one day that became my profession. The passion for coaching, my experience and what I did learn from my mentors are my strengths. I like to help people to improve and to get their goals.

When teaching your students, which shot is your specialty? If I have to say one I would probably say the backhand.

What is your favorite tennis mantra? Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can – Arthur Ashe.

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