Enrolments in ATA Tennis at Harrow are on a term basis for all SCA and CCA lessons. From Spring Term 2 2023 onwards tennis fees are payable in advance and are now paid directly to ATA Tennis at the time of enrolment. You will be billed from the first date of the Harrow SCA/CCA term programme to the final lesson in your term.

  • Make up classes must be used in the current term it is owed. Credits cannot be carried over to the next term. Any Make Up class that is not used/attended before the last day of the current term will be forfeited without exception.
  • Make up classes will only be offered if a doctor’s certificate stating the illness or injury is provided within 48 hours of the scheduled class or if cancellations are made by the ATA Team due to bad weather conditions. All other reasons will not be eligible for a make up class.
  • Makeups can be arranged with your Harrow / ATA coach to attend another lesson day during the term as makeup. It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent to arrange and be available for scheduled make ups.
  • Make up classes are only applicable to students registered in ATA’s tennis programme.
  • Make up classes that are missed due to a confirmed case of Covid-19 will only be offered to students who can provide a valid certificate of positive infection within 48 hours of the scheduled class.
  • Make up classes can only be attended by the student who is owed the class. Immediate family members such as siblings will not be allowed to attend the class on their behalf.
  • From Spring Term 2 2023 onwards tennis fees are payable in advance and are now paid directly to ATA Tennis at the time of enrolment (not invoiced by Harrow as previously).
  • After registration is confirmed there will be no refunds for missed or unattended lessons.
  • Once a place is confirmed, there is no withdrawal from the program mid-term (other than in the event of serious illness or injury – where a medical certificate is required for proof).
  • If a player is medically unable to attend a class, or if class is cancelled due to bad weather,  the student will be offered make-up classes to the same number they have missed (medical certificate required). In the event that a make up class is offered and not taken, then that will be considered as taken. Make-up classes cannot be carried forward to the following term.
  • Parents are responsible for notifying ATA in writing immediately if they are aware of any medical condition affecting their children that may preclude them from participating in tennis activities.
  • ATA coaches are qualified professionals and offer a safe lesson environment for your child, however there is the possibility that injury may occur, even in the most supervised tennis environment. A condition of enrolling within the programme is that all parents and students acknowledge this fact, and agree to participate at their own risk. They also agree not to hold Australasia Tennis Aces Ltd, its directors, coaches or staff members responsible for any injury that may be caused whilst engaging in ATA tennis programmes.
  • It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that they have the appropriate resources or necessary medical insurances to cover any injury or accident that may occur to their children whilst participating in, or travelling to and from tennis.