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As we all know, tennis success requires a lot of stamina and endurance. The sport requires hundreds of explosive moves over the course of a few hours of play. Check out the follow tips for boosting tennis stamina.

5 Tips to Improve Stamina in Tennis

1) Warm Up Before Playing

It’s tough to jump right into a game, or even a drill! Take some time to perform dynamic stretches, such as walking lunges or arm circles, before you practice.

2) Perform Speed Drills

At least a few times a week, try to perform speed drills, such as the spider drill. You will be surprised how much of a boost this gives you when it comes time to play!

3) Start Strength Training

You don’t need to go overboard with this, but it’s always good to build a bit of muscle! If you do partake in strength training, be sure to leave 24 hours between workouts for muscle recovery.

4) Run Intervals

Using a work to rest interval of 1-2 or 1-3, try to run intervals for twenty or thirty minutes a few times a week to boost endurance and stamina. A 1-2 interval means you would sprint for 15 seconds then rest for 30 (in a 1-3 interval, it would be 15/45).

5) Cool Down

After your drills and practice sessions, be sure to do some cool down exercises, like walking or a light jog. Static stretches, which involve holding a stretch with no joint movement for 20-30 seconds, are also a good idea.

These tips are great but the best way to develop tennis stamina is still by playing a lot of tennis!

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