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Is my child staying in the same class for Term 2 2021 or are they progressing to a more senior class? 
Coaches will have contacted you during the last few weeks of Term 1B if they recommend your child move classes in Term 2 2021.  

I am not sure about my child’s schedule for next term what should I do?
If you are not yet sure of your child’s schedule for next term, we highly recommend that you sign up now for their current lesson and we can work with you to move them to a class day and time that suits you once you know your schedule next term.

Due to long waitlists for some class times we strongly encourage you to complete the online enrolment for Term 2 2021 NOW in order to avoid disappointment. 

Reminder LIMITED SPOTS are available. A reminder to HKFC non-members that spots will be allocated only once your enrolment and payment is received.

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My child already plays with ATA’s junior tennis program. Do I need to enrol again now?

YES – ALL PLAYERS need to enrol for Term 2 2021 at this time.

HKFC members – Yes, you do.
Due to the unusual circumstances of the COVID pandemic at the moment, Term 2 2021 is not a roll-over system and re-enrolment is essential as every spot is open to new players. This means that your child does not keep their spot automatically unless you have completed the HKFC members’ online enrolment for Term 2 2021. 

HKFC non-members – Yes, you do. 
Payment for HKFC non-members is due prior to the commencement of each term and re-enrolment is essential to guarantee your child’s spot.  This means that your child does not keep their spot automatically unless you have completed the online enrolment and payment prior to Monday 8 March 2021. 
REMINDER: For HKFC non-members if your payment is not received by Monday 8 March 2021 your child cannot attend. 

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HKFC non-members ONLY – To enrol you need to:
1) Select your child’s class venue, lesson day and time
2) Pay using credit card or PAYPAL (HKFC Non-members only)
*Important – HKFC members DO NOT pay at this time.  
HKFC members will be charged by Hong Kong Football Club directly to your HKFC account.

When and how do I pay?
Payment for HKFC non-members Term 2 2021 fees are due now. Payment for HKFC non-members must be made at the time of enrolment via our signup forms.
If you do not make payment when enrolling, your child’s spot is NOT secure and your child is not considered to be enrolled.
Will I receive an invoice by email?
No you will not. Individual invoices will no longer be sent out. 
Payment for HKFC non-members should be made at the time of enrolment via our online signup forms.
I am a HKFC non-member and I haven’t paid yet but I did select my child’s class in the enrolment form. Is my child enrolled?
No your child is not enrolled until payment is received. 

If you are an HKFC non-member and partly complete an enrolment but do not proceed to the payment stage your child’s spot is not secured and is not considered enrolled and available spots will be offered to students on our wait list or new students.

We strongly encourage you to complete the ONLINE ENROLMENT FOR TERM 2 2021 NOW to avoid disappointment and to secure your child’s spot for this term.

If you are unable to pay using the online enrolment process provided please contact us  at accounts@atatennisaces.com

We are automating all of ATA’s billing systems and we will no longer be sending out individual invoices or accepting cheques given to head coaches. Our goal is to make signing up and locking your child into their termly tennis classes easy. We appreciate your cooperation with these new procedures. 

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You will receive two emails if your enrolment has been successfully completed. They are:

  1. Pending Confirmation – from ATA
  2. PAYPAL Payment Confirmation – from PAYPAL
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(A) If you have received both ATA & PAYPAL confirmation emails please proceed to Step 6


(B)  If you have received a Pending Confirmation email from ATA but have NOT received a PAYPAL Payment Confirmation email your enrolment is NOT complete and this would indicate your payment did not go through.

If you answered (B) above please return to Step 3 to re-enrol and ensure you proceed to the payment stage or contact PayPal to confirm if your payment has been processed.

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Please add ATA’s Term 2 2021 start date to your calendar!

*Reminder that Term 2 2021 will run for 6 weeks – the first 3 weeks of Term 2 will run prior to the Easter break then will pause for 2 weeks over Easter and the last 3 weeks of term will run after the Easter break.
NO JTP lessons will run over the two week Easter break however you will be able to signup for Easter holiday camps to keep your tennis crew busy over the Easter period. Signup for Easter camps will be sent out separately soon!

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