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Here at Australasia Tennis Aces, we constantly find ourselves grappling with an unanswerable question:

Are we the most fun tennis school in Hong Kong because we have such awesome coaches…

…or do we attract such awesome coaches because we are the most fun tennis school in Hong Kong?

We may never get to the bottom of this chicken and egg head scratcher, but we can do the next best thing and give inquiring minds and Hong Kong tennis players all the ATA coach info they need, right at their fingertips.

Without further ado, let’s meet …




An integral part of the ATA team, Nathan is an accomplished tennis player and coach, with sixteen years of coaching experience split between Hong Kong, his native Australia and the United States.

Nathan’s tennis journey began back on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, where he was a top ranked junior player. He has brought that success across the Pacific, where he has amassed a number of victories in singles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles. He was the 2014 HK Football Club Champion in Singles, Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles and reached the 2010 HK Nationals Semi Final of Men’s Open Doubles and the 2008 Finals of Mixed Doubles in the not too distant past.

Today, though still playing tennis for fun, Nathan focuses most of his energy on coaching and tournament planning. He coaches all levels of tennis in Hong Kong, and even trains full time travelling players with the Hong Kong Tennis Association.


  • Born in Australia.
  • HKFC Senior Tennis Professional and ATA Ladies and Events Manager.
  • Played fellow Aussie Pat Rafter back when he was the top ranked player in the world.
  • All time favourite player: Roger Federer
  • Dream Match: Rafael Nadal on clay in Spain.
  • Coaching Speciality: Serve.


Favourite place to play tennis in Hong Kong? Why?

“Hong Kong Football Club, I played on synthetic grass growing up and like to slide around the court. I have also had some good victories at HKFC in Club Championships and during league.”

In your words, what makes you a great tennis coach?

“I strive to get students to have a solid technical base, therefore drive it home during lessons but also get the kids to enjoy their tennis at the same time. Connecting with the kids is important to keep them interested throughout the session.”

Tennis Mantra?

“The effort and intensity you put into your training should be the same as what you do in a match.”


That’s all for this week. Want to learn more about Nathan, or tennis in general? Sign up for a class today – he works with all ages and skill levels!

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