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Here at Australasia Tennis Aces, we constantly find ourselves grappling with an unanswerable question:
Are we the most fun tennis school in Hong Kong because we have such awesome coaches…
…or do we attract such awesome coaches because we are the most fun tennis school in Hong Kong?
We may never get to the bottom of this chicken and egg head scratcher, but we can do the next best thing and give inquiring minds and Hong Kong tennis players all the ATA coach info they need, right at their fingertips.
Without further ado, let’s meet …



Another one of our awesome Australian expats coaching tennis in Hong Kong, Pat is an accomplished player and coach, and an important part of the ATA team.
Pat was a nationally ranked junior back in Australia, but saw his promising career derailed by injury. Fueled by his lifelong obsession with the sport, Pat chose to focus on coaching, and quickly developed a passion for teaching kids and adults the game he loves.
After moving to Hong Kong and rehabbing his injury, Pat jumped back onto the court as a competitive player in 2014 and promptly reached the rank of 2nd in singles and 4th in doubles.  


  • Born in Sydney, Australia.
  • Won first state title at 16 years old.
  • Current Favourite Player: Roger Federer
  • All time favourite player: Pat Rafter and Lleyton Hewitt
  • Dream Match: Rafael Nadal on center court at Roland Garros.


Favourite place to play tennis in Hong Kong? Why?
“I have two favourite places to play tennis in Hong Kong. The first place is Victoria Park, because of the court surface and the center court stadium is great place to play, with good atmosphere. The second place would be IRC, where we teach. This place is a very peaceful and quiet place in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.”
In your words, what makes you a great tennis coach?
I think I make a great tennis coach because I myself have been playing the game at tour level and have a lot of technical and tactical information to pass on. I can translate the information to different players/students in different and personalised ways so that each student/player can reach the best level possible. Most of all, I really love children and making them laugh and have fun while playing the sport. I create a very fun and progressive learning atmosphere and experience.”
Favourite players to watch?
“Pat Rafter and Lleyton Hewitt. Being an Australian, there was nothing better than sitting in front of the TV cheering these guys on. Hewitt fighting for every single point like his life depended on it and Rafter with his serve and volley and great court etiquette. Made me feel proud to be an Australian every time.”

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