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Nickolas Mark Guse (AUS) – Tennis Professional

Mob: 5481 3096

Background: Nick was born into a tennis family. His grandparents owned a tennis center on the north side of Brisbane, where he started playing tennis at the age of 5. By the age of 9, he was playing junior tournaments throughout Australia and later got accepted at the school of excellence in Kelvin Grove, Brisbane where he ranked inside the top 10 from under 16s boys. He maintained his level of competitive tennis and traveled interstate for tournaments until the age of 18 when he had to stop due to a lower back injury.

After receiving training from his grandfather, who was the state coach for advanced juniors in Queensland and mother, who was the former number 1 in Australia for under 18 juniors. He started working at his grandfather’s tennis center – the biggest company on the north side of Brisbane, where he coached both junior and adult players. He was also in charge of Junior Tennis Development before making his way to Hong Kong.

Coaching Experience: Over 6 years coaching junior and adult players.

Qualification: Certificate 3 and 4 in sports coaching and Junior development and club professional level 2 coaching qualification through Tennis Australia

ATA Work Specialty: Coaching both adults and junior players.

Number of years with company: Since 2016

Get to know your coaches better with our Q&A section:

Where is your favorite place to play tennis in Hong Kong? What makes this place special? Hong Kong Tennis Center (HKFC) I love the tennis atmosphere there, 17 tennis courts that are always busy with coaches on most courts every day, you meet a lot of new people every day and the vibe is great.

If you could play on any court with any player, where and who would it be with? And why? I would handS down play with the legend of our game, Roger Federer, I would play Centre court of Wimbledon.

Your favorite player of all time and why? Roger Federer -not only is he the greatest player that ever lived, but his class and sportsman ship are second to none, he is as great on the court, and off the court it would be a pleasure to play with someone of his class.

Why do you make a great tennis coach? I am a great tennis coach because I know how to motivate people and keep a competitive and fun atmosphere on the tennis Court, I am an outgoing and extroverted personality so a lot of clients like my outlook on tennis and life in general, it’s always important to love what you do and that really affects the quality of your coaching, I am a qualified club professional tennis coach and hold a cert 3 and 4 in sports coaching and have over 6 years of experience with juniors and adult players, have been playing at a competitive level in Australia from the age of 12 -18 being top 10 in my state and top 20 in Australia for my age at 16 I am now playing men’s A plus grade in Hong Kong for the Indian recreational club and in the finals this season.

When teaching your students, which shot is your specialty? my favorite shot to teach students and adults would be the serve, the serve is a very complicated and precise shot in the game of tennis and is also the most important shot when it comes to playing in a competitive environment. That’s why in tennis it’s called holding serve. if you don’t have an effective serve and a consistent serve you will lose a lot of points. My approach to teaching and effective serve is to go through the key elements you need to achieve an effective serve. Correct grip for a serve, correct kinetic chain and momentum in the in the backswing, correct ball toss and contact point. It’s the hardest shot in tennis but also the most important.

What is your favorite tennis mantra? At the end of the day, it all comes down to how hard you want to work and how badly you want to succeed in tennis and life in general. Whatever you sow you will also reap if you work hard and put your mind to your goal you will achieve it. I love this quote from Connor McGregor. “There is no talent here”, said “The Notorious” one. This is hard work, this is an obsession. Talent doesn’t exist. We are all equals as human beings. You could be anyone. If you put in the time, you will reach the top and that’s that. So, I am not talented, I am obsessed”

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