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There are very few things in life that apply equally to people of all ages. Toddlers and grandparents might be able to agree that ice cream is delicious, but other than that they have completely different sensibilities.

True as that may be, there is another area where infants and the elderly can find common ground, and that’s the tennis court.


Young or old, male or female, native or ex-pat – once we lace up our tennis shoes and hit the court, everybody in Hong Kong can find a way to enjoy tennis. There are fun gameplay-oriented options to help young children learn the games basics and developmental training options for older kids to elevate their skills. Some adults take part in tennis as a friendly, recreational way to keep fit with their friends, others prefer to challenge opponents to competitive matches.


Tennis is a great workout for our bodies, but some of the biggest advantages of tennis are social. In fact, when a 2016 Oxford University study suggested that playing tennis can actually prolong our lives when compared to other sports, researchers hypothesized that one of the primary causes of this was tennis’ social advantages.

Because tennis is primarily focused around an inclusive club, rather than a small team, players tend to stick together as friends for longer periods of time. Hong Kong tennis clubs like ATA focus on training, skill development and fun, but we also offer tons of group activities and social events outside the game, like the Daria Gavrilova gala event earlier this month.

While adult players of team sports may move on to the spectator stands when they get too busy with work or family, tennis offers a lot of flexibility, allowing players to stay involved with the club even if they can’t commit to a set training schedule.


Tennis is known as “the sport for a lifetime” for a reason.

As we touched on earlier, there are a number of different ways to enjoy tennis, making it a great game to grow old with.

Small children learn the basics (through fun and games)

Older children start to practice proper tennis skills (while still having fun)

Pre-teens and teens start to focus on skill development and competition (without forgetting to have fun)

Young adults can play competitive matches to hone their skills…or social friendlies to stay fit with friends

Older adults can play social friendlies to stay fit with friends…or competitive matches to hone their skills

Even those that are too old or young to physically play can make friends in the lobby and take part in club events.

As you can see, Tennis has something for everyone.

Do you know a child or teen between the ages of 3-18 looking to start their Hong Kong tennis adventure over the holidays? Check out the ATA Mid-Term Tennis Camp today!