Toby Clark

ATA Director

Mob: 9646-3760

Background: Toby is a former International circuit player in juniors and seniors. He represented Great Britain in juniors, for British Universities, and for the International Club of Great Britain.

Experience: During his time in the United Kingdom; he held a position as a Lead Coach for 7.5 years at the Wimbledon, All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club venue of the Grand Slam. He also worked as a Tennis Manager for 4.5 years at one of London’s largest public tennis facilities. Toby has had a wide range of work experience in the sporting field, worked as an exercise physiologist, in event management and athlete representation. He has also coached in Europe and Australia.

Qualification: LTA CCA -Performance Coach Qualification, Degree in Sport and exercise science, post grad CAM diploma in Communications. US Boot CampTrainer Certification.

ATA Work Specialty: Coaching both adults and junior players, Marketing, Tennis Programme Management.

Number of years with company: Since 2010