Toby Clark (GBR) – HKFC Head Tennis Professional – ATA Management

Mob: 9646-3760

Background: Toby is a former International circuit player in juniors and seniors. He represented Great Britain in juniors, for British Universities, and for the International Club of Great Britain.

Experience: During his time in the United Kingdom; he held a position as a Lead Coach for 7.5 years at the Wimbledon, All England   Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club venue of the Grand Slam. He also worked as a Tennis Manager for 4.5 years at one of London’s largest public tennis facilities. Toby has had a wide range of work experience in the sporting field, worked as an exercise physiologist, in event management and athlete representation. He has also coached in Europe and Australia.

Qualification: LTA CCA -Performance Coach Qualification, Degree in Sport and exercise science, post grad CAM diploma in Communications. US Boot CampTrainer Certification.

ATA Work Specialty: Coaching both adults and junior players, Marketing, Tennis Programme Management.

Get to know your coaches better with our Q&A section:

Where is your favorite place to play tennis in Hong Kong?  What makes this place special? Victoria Park Centre Court.  Have played some good matches on there including the HK Nationals Doubles final.

If you could play on any court with any player, where and who would it be with? And why? Roger Federer on Centre court at Wimbledon, as he is an inspiration as an athlete, player and individual, and where better than the home of tennis, the hallowed turf of the All England Club.

Your current favorite tennis player? Roger Federer, have watched at Wimbledon from his early days transitioning from juniors to seniors playing at the All England Club, met him after his first Wimbledon title when I was working in the referee’s office at the Club and have followed with interest since. The most amazing athlete, player, competitor and professional the game has ever seen and he continues to strive to get better and better.

Your favorite player of all time and why? Was always a big fan of the contrasts in styles and rivalry between Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, but they have been surpassed by Roger.

Why do you make a great tennis coach? I love tennis, and I love to work with people who similarly love the game whether they are young or old, beginner or advanced. I have a background in performance tennis myself having trained at various academies and been lucky enough to get coached and work with some incredible mentors over the years assisting me on the path to competing internationally. Further to that I have a background in sports psychology, exercise physiology and biomechanics, which is of great value when working with players trying to maximize their performance.

I have also gained vast experience working with development/club / special needs players working alongside other top coaches in the area of player development and club management. As such I have a wide range of experience and many years coaching and enjoy working with all ages, and levels of player.

When teaching your students, which shot is your specialty? I don’t specialize in coaching one shot. I aim to get the best out of the player and provide them with the game they need to be the best they can or want to be, whether a social / club or high-performance competitive player.

What is your favorite tennis mantra? A favorite of mine is the Latin ‘carpe diem’ to seize the moment’ or ‘seize the day’ in other words when you are trying to achieve something, no matter what it is whether it is in practice or competition give it your all, play with purpose, take opportunities when they arise, continually strive to achieve your goals, and all your hard work will pay off.