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When it comes to prolonging our lives, we do pretty well for ourselves in Hong Kong.

Despite the polution, if Hong Kong were a country it would rank first when it comes to average lifespan. Not first in Asia…first in the world.

With an average death age of 84.28 (and 87.3 for the ladies!), Hong Kong currently paces the entire globe, outliving not just Japan and Singapore, but Germany, Australia and the Nordic countries. Our dense population is actually a blessing. One of the primary reasons for longevity in Hong Kong is our close proximity to everything at all times.

Another reason we live long? We take good care of ourselves, by monitoring our diet and keeping active. When it comes to optimal physical exercise, racquet sports like tennis are at the top of the list for preserving our lives.

A few years ago, Oxford University did a study that compared the effectiveness of various sports when it comes to warding off the grim reaper. 80,000 subjects were tracked for an average of nine years and racquet sport players were 47% less likely to die than those who withheld from exercise. To put this in perspective, swimmers cut their chance of death by 28%, cyclists by 15% and runners by…0%.

The scientists responsible for the study believe that tennis may have seen strong results because of the social aspects of our sport.

While team-oriented sports like rugby and football often change season by season, racquet sports like tennis often encourage lifetime participation via the club. Joining a tennis club is not just about playing tennis, it also includes various gatherings and events for all ages. Because of this, tennis players are less likely to abandon the sport as they grow old.

Tennis can be played at all ages, but the same doesn’t hold true for other sports. People who play physical sports like rugby or football are often forced to stop playing as they grow old, either due to injury concerns or family commitments. Studies have shown that when they stop playing their sport of choice, these athletes become spectators and fans, rather than switching sports. In contrast, tennis players typically stick with tennis, ensuring that they continue to receive the health benefits associated with sport.

On top of the benefit to longevity, tennis has also been found to promote heart health and provide countless other great benefits.

Back to the Hong Kong’s lifespan stats, one of the reasons people are giving for our prolonged life is our great year-round weather…

…weather that is absolutely perfect for tennis.


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