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As we all know, when it comes time to help your child find a sport to focus on, there is no shortage of options in Hong Kong. From basketball to rugby, swimming to badminton, and everything in between, kids today have access to many amazing sports. With the wide array of team and individual sports available, helping your child find a sport to focus on can appear daunting. Here at Australasia Tennis Aces, however, we think it’s quite the opposite. All those other sports are great, no doubt about it, but for those interested in the crème of the crop, there is no better choice than…



It is known as the sport for a lifetime, and for good reason. Tennis presents a unique gateway for a child to develop lifelong foundational skills that they will use well into adulthood, and even into old age. Tennis is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed by all ages, making it a great option for families.

The benefits are limitless, with such a diverse and varied mix of components in this well rounded sport. Tennis incorporates speed, agility, strength and a laundry list of other ideal physical traits. It utilizes balance and flexibility. It encourages quick thinking, relies on hand eye coordination and is a challenging mentally as it is physically.

On top of all this, tennis encourages children to develop a strong work ethic, and the sports one on one (or two on two) dynamic promotes accountability and acceptance of one’s mistakes, which helps develop mental toughness and self reliance.

Tennis, more so than other sports, can even help boost a child’s performance at school. Tennis may seem simple in nature, but it is actually a complex and mentally demanding sport. Even reaching an intermediate level in tennis can help a child improve their focus and concentration immensely. Stress management is another aspect taught in tennis that can be applied to school work.

On top of this, tennis is one of the few sports where children can enroll in a program and receive guaranteed guidance and assistance from a trained professional. In basketball or rugby, there are many players on each team, making it difficult to give each child the one on one attention he or she deserves. In this regard, tennis instructors, including the dedicated group we have here at Australasia Tennis Aces, serve as both a coach and a tutor to aspiring players.

If these reasons aren’t enough reason to be sold on tennis, consider this: It is, above all else, a tremendous amount of fun. What this means for your child is that, although they will be developing positive skills and attributes, they may not even notice. Tennis is not a chore, like homework. It’s a game, and a fun one at that! We may be a little bit biased towards the sport of a lifetime, we’ll give you that, but there is just something inherently pleasing about whacking a ball with a racquet. It feels good! Don’t believe us? Grab a ball, a racquet and try it yourself! Better yet, try it with your children. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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