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Unique among pro sports, ladies’ tennis and the WTA enjoy a level success comparable to the men’s circuit. From the days of Chris Evert to recent years dominated by Serena Williams, female tennis players have long been some of the most iconic pro athletes on the planet. Even if your daughter doesn’t have her sights set on being the next ladies’ tennis superstar, tennis is still a great activity for young girls and is definitely something she should look to when choosing a sport to pursue.

For starters, tennis can be played in singles or doubles, which promotes individual achievement and team building, respectively. In either case, tennis promotes accountability, either to one’s self, or to one’s partner. This can greatly benefit a girl’s future both on and off the court.

Tennis is also great exercise. The constant sprint intervals can provide girls with a great cardio workout. As girls age into womanhood, tennis also promotes muscle toning – just look at the women in the WTA for confirmation! In addition to the physical benefits, tennis is also mentally stimulating as it relies heavily on strategy and angles. This can even help girls perform better in school.

Tennis is a very social game and can promote comradery amongst girls. Historically, women were not encouraged to partake in sport, and even when they were encouraged, it was often in highly individualized sports gymnastics or figure skating or swimming. Fortunately, this is no longer the case, and other sports are catching up…but tennis has long been played by the fairer sex!

One of the best reasons to involve your daughter in tennis is that it is a lifelong sport. By getting involved early, girls can provide themselves with years of exercise, fun and social activity lasting through adulthood and well into their twilight years!

Of course, these are only a few of the reasons girls should play tennis. The best way to find out how beneficial tennis can be for your daughter is by putting a racket in her hand and giving it a go!






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