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In this day and age, with children leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles in front of the television and their video games, most parents recognize the importance of enrolling their kids in organized sport. For a lot of families, the tricky part is finding the right sport. There is no shortage of options for juvenile athletics in Hong Kong, that’s for sure.

With over 600 courts and over 8000 registered players, tennis is an increasingly popular option, for kids and parents alike.
Tennis can provide a child with a very unique experience. It is a competitive, social game (like rugby or basketball), while also being an individualistic game, where the player alone is responsible for his or her actions (like combat sports). It has the stiff competition of the aforementioned sports, but the injury risk is quite minimal.

In the opinion of our team here at Australasia Tennis Aces, tennis truly is the best of both worlds, combining the benefits found in other sports, to create one unique game.

Academics have released studies claiming that tennis players, when compared to athletes from other sports, were more optimistic and had better self esteem, while showing lower propensity towards depression anger, confusion, anxiety and tension. Pretty impressive stuff, but we’re just getting started.

Tennis requires alertness and tactical thinking, which a University of Illinois report suggested can help create new connections between nerves in the brain. Tennis also helps youngsters accept responsibility for their actions. Unlike team sports, a tennis player stands alone on the court (or their half of the court, if playing doubles). This forces the player to acknowledge that they alone are responsible for the outcome of the game. Tennis is also a game based on angles, which encourages children to develop problem solving techniques and strategic thinking.

Most sports provide numerous health benefits for children, and tennis is no different. It has been stated that three hours of tennis per week, at a moderate level, cuts the risk of health related deaths in half over a lifetime. Tennis helps develop muscle strength, speed, balance and general body coordination. It can boost hand eye coordination, agility and many, many other positive physical traits. It is also a great way to shed some pounds, for the youngsters, sure, but for parents too!

Most importantly, tennis is a fun game. It is easy to pick up, but difficult to master, which guarantees your child a lifetime full of hard work and unforgettable memories. Even the greats are still striving to get better. They don’t call it the ‘sport of a lifetime’ for nothing!

Tennis has many other benefits, including an emphasis on sportsmanship and a vibrant social community and culture surrounding the sport.
What’s the best thing to do if you or your child want to learn more about what tennis has to offer, you ask?

Pick up a racket, head to your local tennis club and find out. You will not be disappointed!

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