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Good morning, Hong Kong tennis fans!
With Wimbledon underway in England and our own Summer Camp, Junior and Adult Tennis Programmes in Hong Kong it’s been a busy, tennis filled week at ATA. With the semi-finals just about to get started, here’s a look at some of the biggest stories from Wimbledon thus far.


On Wednesday, July 11, 2018, the tennis world watched in shock as Roger Federer was knocked out of Wimbledon. This surprising upset marked the first time since 8 July 2016 that he has lost at Wimbledon, ending his Championship record of 34 consecutive sets won.
The man that bested him, the 8th seeded South African Kevin Anderson, had previously lost every set he played against Federer.
Hong Kong tennis fans can check out the final moments here:


There are two sides to every story and (at least) two players in every match. As devastating as Federer’s loss was to his legacy, Kevin Anderson is hard at work building his own.
The 8th seeded 32-year-old might be a new name to casual fans, but he has been the top ranked player in his native South Africa for years and was a runner-up in the 2017 US Open.
We’re excited to see what else he can accomplish moving forward.


Not all the aging stars faced upsets at Wimbledon – over in the women’s competition, Serena Williams is quickly gaining steam.
Having missed last year’s championship as a result of her pregnancy, Serena is on a mission to reclaim her previously vacated title and number one ranking.
Though currently ranked at 181 (again, as a result of pregnancy), Serena was seeded 25th at Wimbledon and, considering how quickly she has risen to the top, the decision clearly made sense.


Ouch! Tim Smyczek, the 30 year old 121st ranked player in the world, was supposed to be competing in front of the tennis world at Wimbledon. Instead, as a result of a missed email and an unfortunate scheduling mix up, he’s competing at the A.C. Nielsen Tennis Center in Winnetka, USA as part of the ATP Challenger Tour.
The full story can be read here, courtesy of the New York Times:
How a Missed Email Put One Player in Illinois Instead of Wimbledon


Former Czech superstar Martina Navratilova, who is considered one of the best players of all time, had some harsh words for Simona Halep, and today’s pampered players in general, after the top-ranked Romanian used the French Open fatigue as an excuse for her early exit from Wimbledon.
Check out Simona’s initial comments and Martina’s response below:
[embedyt][/embedyt] Wow! She even banged her head on the desk.
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