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Christmas is fast approaching. For much of the world, December is a month of freezing temperatures, warm beverages, and falling snowflakes.
In Hong Kong, most of us experience this winter wonderland by proxy, sitting down with our families to watch Christmas specials on television. December is when Frosty the Snowman comes out to play, Charlie Brown learns the true meaning of Christmas and Santa’s trusty reindeer finally show Rudolph some respect.
Sometimes it can feel like we are missing out on an entire season, but at ATA, we prefer to focus on the positives of our “winters”.

Year-Round Outdoor Tennis

Snow is something that looks great from afar and can be really fun in small doses, but it loses its appeal quickly and is certainly not worth playing tennis indoors.
Here in Hong Kong, our winters can get cold, sure, but have no snow and typically very little rain. Because of this, we can play tennis outdoors throughout the winter. They can’t do that in the North Pole!

Cold Weather Tennis Tips

Many Hong Kong players actually prefer the winter, as it is drier and less humid than the summer months. Still, that doesn’t help us with the cold.
We might not reach arctic temperatures, but the air can be brisk and chilly. It is important for young tennis players to dress the part –tracksuits and sweatshirts can be a great way to keep warm without sacrificing comfort or mobility. Remember to wear a t-shirt or tank top underneath though – as you begin to play you might warm up. It’s also a good idea to stretch regularly in order to warm up (both figuratively and literally).
Colder weather impacts the way the ball bounces, making certain shots, such as drop shots and slices, more effective in winter.

Extreme Weather Tips

Just because we don’t have snow, that doesn’t mean things can’t get extreme. Heat, humidity, black rain, typhoons, thunderstorms, and landslides can all be very disruptive. Most of these things make tennis difficult, if not impossible.
When playing in extreme heat or humidity, it is important to remain properly hydrated. Additionally, much like with the cold weather, stretching and paying attention to apparel is important. Make sure that what you are wearing on the court is seasonally appropriate. Fortunately (or unfortunately, for you beach going types), hot weather problems will not often occur during winter. If the city is hit by a typhoon, landslide or another type of catastrophic weather event…it’s best to stay away from the court until things are safe.
Whether you are testing your skills while on vacation or enjoying some holiday tennis right here in Hong Kong, these cold weather tips are sure to help with your winter game.
See you on the court!
Want to get into the spirit of the season without suffering through freezing weather? ATA’s 2018 Christmas Camp starts soon. Starting December 17th, we will be running three weeks of camps throughout the school holidays. Space is limited so register soon!