Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during wet weather?

In case of bad weather, please do not assume that tennis is cancelled. Cancellation of lessons will be by text message approx. 45 mins before the commencement of the lesson. This is for Adult and Junior Classes. No text means that the lesson is full steam ahead. If you are a participant in the ATA Tennis program you will be on a WhatsApp contact group with your group class or your private class that includes your ATA Tennis Professional. If your an ATA Adult player you will also be on a WhatsApp group with your ATA Tennis professional. Feel free to contact the coach directly for confirmation. ( Please note ATA Parents: If you have a helper doing pick ups / drop offs please advise us of their contact number so we can include on the group so info flows and full ATA  safety protocol is in place).
Any lessons missed due to bad weather will be offered make up times during holiday camps, on public holidays or offered alternate dates that suit you or we will run another alternate option on ATA’s new online portal  TENNIS PROGRAM TASK. Please note the onus is on you to attend these sessions to make up the number of lessons you have paid for. Lessons not taken as make up sessions during the current term are non-refundable and non-transferrable to the following term. We do however, do our best to offer multiple options.

My ATA class Adult OR Junior has been cancelled. Will I have a make up session?

Yes, you will! We offer make-up lessons for all students who have missed their lessons due to wet weather, injuries or illnesses (doctor’s certificate is required). 

In fact, all students are welcome to attend these extra make-up sessions whether or not they are owned classes. We are the only tennis company in Hong Kong that offers this make up option. For students who attend make-up lessons but do not have any lessons owned; we will simply offset the lesson against any rain outs a student may experience later in the term. Please note however that priority will be given to students who are currently owned make up lessons due to wet weather or injuries/illness. Lessons not taken as make up sessions during the current term are non-refundable and non-transferable to the following term.

Lessons missed due to wet weather, injuries or illness can be made-up in 3 flexible options:

). Make-up sessions – Each term we offer extra make-up lessons. You will be advised in advance of these dates and an online signup email will be sent out for this.

B)Directly with Head Coach – Arrange a make-up session directly with the Head Coach at your venue if you are not able to attend the make-up lesson days.

C)Holidays Camps – If you have made an attempt to make-up lessons during the term but are unable to attend due to prior commitments and are still owed makeup lessons at the end of the term you can make-up these lessons by attending holiday camp days. Please ensure you provide details of lesson dates missed in the comment section provided and that the holiday camp enrolment is for make-up purposes only.

What do we need to bring to a tennis lesson?

We advise everyone to bring a drink bottle, hat, sunscreen and a racket (if you do not have a racket that is not a problem we have rackets available to borrow. A good pair of trainers with good ankle support and comfortable workout gear or tennis clothing. It just comes down to what your comfortable in. Please remember to notify your ATA Head Coach or ATA Tenni Professional in advance though if a racket is needed).

Please note It is very important to dress appropriately depending on the weather. Hong Kong’s weather can be very unpredictable so please ensure your child has the appropriate apparel (long pants in summer is a common mistake) so lets keep our young tennis super stars cool during the summer tennis time.

Can I get advice regarding the most suitable racket size for my child and myself?

The ATA Coaching Team are very experienced in selecting the correct tennis racket for you as an individual or for our junior players. ATA now has there own collection of tennis rackets for our younger players coming through. We call it our ATA’s starters kit’s. Please refer the ATA Shop for the best racket and starter kit for your tennis champ. If your an adult player please speak to the ATA operation teams directly we will definitely navigate and explore the best racket for you. It is very important to have the right equipment for both development of your game and to have maximum enjoyment while playing. ATA has tennis rackets at each venue for this reason so please notify your venues Head Coach in advance and they will happily have a racket ready for you to test.

Why do children use different colored tennis balls?

Depending on the student’s age and ability different colored (pressurized) balls are used to enhance their development. Red, Orange and Green tennis balls are all pressurized differently which means the speed and bounce of the ball is suitable for the level of the student. This means all students can enjoy the basic game of tennis from their first session.

Can non-members enroll at Hong Kong Football Club?

Yes, they can. However to play tennis at HKFC as a non-members you must be a guest of a HKFC member and will also be required to pay a daily non-member fee of HKD 40. If you would like to play at the club but do not know any HKFC members please contact HKFC head coach, Toby Clark or Nathan Booth at for assistance.

What is the cancellation policy?

JUNIOR PROGRAM CANCELLATION POLICY – After registration is confirmed there will be no refunds for missed or unattended lessons – we need a full commitment from your child. Once a place is confirmed and locked in there is no withdrawal from the program mid-term, other than in the event of serious illness or injury (broken bones etc.) – Medical Certificate required.


Can Parents / guardians stay and watch children during their lesson?

Yes, parents and guardians are welcome to stay and watch from outside the tennis court. Our coaches will also be happy to discuss your child’s progression after the lesson or any questions you may have.

Question not answered?

Drop us a note at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Always great to hear from you.